Best out of Waste Competition 2015

Best out of Waste Competition

Aparajita - Hair Style Competition-2015

Aparajita - Hair Style Competition

Aparajita - Mehndi Competition-2015

Aparajita - Mehndi Competition

Aparajita-Nail Art Competition-2015

Aparajita-Nail Art Competition

Salad Making Competition

Students of SDJIC exhibited their art of making dining table more tempting by adding taste and nutritious value of food by taking part in Salad Making Competition. The competition was to inculcate healthy food habits and awareness regarding the choice of food among youth. Cleanliness, taste, and presentation were the basic criterion for the judgment. The participants creativity was revealed through the beautiful designs and patterns formed with different mouth watering salads. Winner: 1 Priyanka Ahuja (FYBBA) and\ Riya Nandwani (FYBCA) 2. Anupreksha Jain (FYBBA) and Preksha Agarwal (FYBBA) 3. Vinita Jain and Shikha (TY BCom) Consolation-prizes: 1. Heta Shah and Veragi (BCom) 2. Devyal Dekawala and Tejas (BCA) 3. Dhruti and Vaishnavi- Titanic Yogurt 4. Ayusha Patel and Parita Shah- Snowman 5. Priyanka Agarwal-Apple Swan