Institute Technical Infrastructure

Computer Labs

SDJIC has two technologically sound computer labs with 70 computers in each. This ensures a dedicated two hours lab time to each student on daily basis. The role of laboratory is to educate undergraduate students in the concepts and techniques of modern intelligence. The computer lab remains open 8 hours a day, 6 days a week and is staffed with helpful consultants. The lab is supported by a 15KVA online UPS, which is able to take over the operations of a computer in case of power failure. The UPS is currently having power backup to 40 minutes.
Computer Lab
Computer Lab

Uninterrupted Power Supply

In addition to UPS, the college also has a huge 125KVA diesel generator set. The DG set is able to cater to the requirement of the entire college premises. All the electrical/electronic equipment can function even in case of power failure.
SDJIC Generator
SDJIC Classroom

Spacious Classrooms

The spacious and cross ventilated classrooms facilitate long hours of teaching and interactive participation. All conducive classrooms are well equipped with state-of-the-art visual aids, internet and intranet connectivity along with hi-tech multimedia and audio visual equipments, which sets the tone for students to engage in stimulating discussions. Our conducive classroom atmosphere has been a prominent factor in creating harmony in the teacher student relationship.


Library, the resource centre of the institution is a storehouse of 2100+ books of renowned authors and publications to enrich the knowledge of our students. The subscription of national journals, periodicals and newspapers keep the students updated with the events happening across the globe. Using the E-library, the students browse the internet and delve into various topics that add value to their research.
SDJIC Library
SDJIC Library2
SDJIC CCTV Surveillance

CCTV Surveillance

The college has a digital surveillance system to ensure safety and security in and around the campus. The college is covered on line with nearly 75 cameras that capture the video 24×7.

24x7 Communication

All the IT equipments like, computers and printers, are connected internally by 1GBPS network. This ensures 24×7 communications between the computers in the premises.
SDJIC Network
SDJIC Router

Wi-Fi Campus

Our institution is a Wi-Fi campus having internet broadband connectivity with 2MBPS speed. The two Wi-Fi routers ensure good connectivity in lab, staffroom & admin area and are also available to students for research purpose.

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